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Bike thief chopping a tree down to steal a bike.

Uploader says: "Chopped down a ginkgo tree to steal a fucking department store bike chained with a thin cable lock."

And it took like six guys to do it! But it does concern me that random not-too-bright thugs seem to have easy access to an axe.

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  1. pavel_lishin says:

    There's no waiting period for an axe. I bought one early one morning, right before a high school camping trip, wearing a long trench coat and generally trying to act as shady - and ax-murderously - as possible.

    • Chigliakus says:

      A friend of mine got his machete confiscated by the police while he was walking through his neighborhood with it openly displayed. He was in high school at the time, he was told it was being confiscated because he was scaring his neighbors. His dad went down to the station and got it back for him, he said he was grateful to the police because having an evidence tag on the machete made it a thousand times cooler.

    • jwz says:

      Funny story about that. I once tried to order a small axe for my earthquake / zombie-apocalypse kit, and they refused to ship it to California. Turns out that this dainty little number is "restricted in California to Federal Firearms License holders."

      • pavel_lishin says:

        The Texan in me giggles at your nanny state. The New Yorker in me is wondering if I can legally carry it in public. The Russian in me thinks tiny axe is credit to team.

        • Buford says:

          Here in Virginia you can walk around fully legal with a loaded .50 BMG Barrett strapped over your shoulder with no license of any kind required, but you can't legally conceal a machete under your coat even with a concealed handgun permit (as it ONLY applies to handguns, and there is no equivalent general concealed weapons permit).

          Toting any kind of axe or machete around in public in full view would be fine as well as long as you weren't brandishing it in a way that could be construed to cause fear, i.e. threatening to chop someone with it.

          • phuzz says:

            I had to go look up what the rules are here in the UK for carrying blades in public.
            Short version, if you have a good reason ('I'm going to cut down this tree'), and/or a sympathetic policeman then you're fine.
            Otherwise anything bigger than a penknife can get you up to 5 years in prison.

            On the other hand, pointing even a plastic gun at someone over here can count as "assault with a deadly weapon", and a an actual gun will probably get you shot rather than arrested.

      • Chris Davies says:

        Maybe it's the daintiness that makes it dangerous. Try buying a large, non-concealable axe.

      • Octaval says:

        Well, at least you are prepared for a zombie attack.

      • rozzin says:

        Someone who had only recently moved to the US said to a group in New Hampshire:

        So, I have a bunch of questions that I want to get out of the way while I'm still new to this country, because they'll sound stranger as time goes on....

        The first question is: what is... wrong with California?

        One of the NH natives said:

        There's just a certain mentality..., well..., let me put it this way: if I go to a hardware store in New Hampshire, and pick up an extension cord, I'll find a tag attached to it telling me that it contains substances known to cause cancer in the state of California if ingested. Now, I'm thinking, `wow--it never even occurred to me that I might want to eat it.'.

      • mediapathic says:

        "Cannot ship to DENMARK.
        Cannot ship to JAPAN.
        Cannot ship to UNITED KINGDOM."

        Maybe the law changed? or maybe we are considered a territory of Denmark? or more likely they don't bother telling you until you put in a shipping address. I'm going with option 2, though, I've always wanted to be demidane.

  2. Pity the video doesn't last a bit longer. Based on what I saw, they spent almost ten minutes chopping down a tree for a less than a minute joyride.

  3. I believe this is a clearer picture of the aftermath:

  4. Zygo says:

    Look at the bright side: at least the six not-too-bright thugs didn't have easy access to power saws, explosives, or any other more effective tool for the task of bisecting a tree.

    • LafinJack says:

      Maybe because it's just one guy cutting the tree down, and the other guys who were just sitting on the stoop keep taking his axe, wrestling him away from the tree, etc. The guy at the end rides the bike around a bit now that the tree is down, but he was one of the ones trying to keep the tree up in the first place.

  5. Chris Davies says:

    They missed a trick not setting this to Bob Marley's "Small Axe."

    o/` I said, you're working iniquity, to achieve vanity o/`

  6. gee, i wonder why comments are disabled on YT....

  7. Brian Dunbar says:

    It concerns me that six grown men seem to have no idea how to effectively chop down a tree. What are they teaching kids in Boy Scouts these days?

  8. In San Francisco the adjacent property owner would then be fined by the city for unpermitted removal of a tree.

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