Folder Rock

The Unintentionally Hilarious World of Band PR

“A classic piece of folder rock is a padded mailer. You open it up and inside of that would be a colored, translucent plastic folder with a drawstring that you have to navigate. And inside of that a glossy folder, maybe with band sticker, and then inside the folder there would be the business card, the bio, and a photo. Sometimes there’d be these crazy promotional items, like golf tees or mints.” ... Recently, he started excerpting prime examples on a Twitter feed, [@Folder_Rock].

“Their debut EP is an intense, warm guitar riff dick slap coupled with thick syrup bass lines,” reads one Tweet.

“See, I’m drinking my morning coffee, I open up a booking email and I wonder, ‘What is the audial equivalent of that?’,” says Bedard. [...]

Take for instance the frequency with which people once compared themselves to the Police.

“It all started happening around 2006. I started getting all these emails saying bands sounded like the Police. When someone says they sound like the Police, what do they mean? Which album? What era? How can you pin that down?”

Bedard isn’t sure what set off the glut of Police references, but he’s pretty sure what shut them down -- the year-long Police reunion tour that started in 2007. He surmises it’s because people listened to the band anew and, reminded of what the Police actually sounded like, decided they didn’t sound like that at all.


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  1. Am I the only one for whom "sounded like the police" means "slightly metallic, like a cheap PA system" and lyrics with themes involving "put your hands where I can see them, long-hair" and "I thought it was my taser. Really!"?