DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein we get Mortified, Blow Up, and seek an Espresso machine.

11 Responses:

  1. Jessica Beth says:

    OMG. Watching that guy "play drums" was h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s.

    Also, 1985 shall henceforth be referred to as "1984 + 1."

  2. Jeff says:

    Wow. The Facebook-fueled comments over there read like some kind of half-hassed, Steve Buscemi in Resevoir Dogs cosplay adventure. I've always found not tipping your bartender is a great way to get cut off at nine o'clock.

    • jwz says:

      Jesus. I shoulda known that was coming from the peanut gallery.

      Want to bet Mr. Pink over there has A) never been to DNA Lounge and B) never touched a girl?

      (I wouldn't have even known to look for that thread, because Facebook removed the mechanism for me to be notified when new comments appear over there. I should probably just fucking turn comments off. Who gives a shit.)

      • Jeff says:

        I don't know, he might get along great with some of the girls posting over on Yelp. To para-quote a review over there "I can't believe DNA charged me the full cover. I'm pretty!"

  3. Nik Clayton says:

    Living, as I do, in a country where leaving a tip will often have the wait staff come after you with "You forgot your change..." which seems to work out pretty well, isn't there an opportunity here to try some science?

    Last time I was at DNA there were multiple bars. So, make one of them tip-free (and publicise that fact), but raise the prices at that one bar by 15%, and pay the staff on that bar 15% extra for their shift (or whatever percentages make sense given the normal price/tip ratio).

    Run it for a month, and compare takings and wage bill.

    Gut instinct says that they'll be comparable, and that the staff on the tip-free bar will be happier, because they never have to worry that a bad tipper is going to cause them problems making the rent.

    • Scott says:

      To be clear, tipping is not a "problem" in bars in the US, at least one that needs to be solved with some grand experiments. Everyone tips, except some douchebags who don't know better yet.

      I do wonder if people who run credit card tabs tend to tip 20% or $1 per drink, but it would pretty much work out the same.

    • jwz says:

      I have no interest in doing "Science" on this.

      This is how the bar industry works everywhere in this country of three hundred million people.

      I'm not going to be the one guy who does it differently.

      When you have your own bar, feel free to "innovate", and let us know how that works. Me, I'm going with the industry standard.

      As a customer, if you don't go along with that, then you're the one being a dick. Tip or stay home.

  4. Lloyd says:

    One of our bartenders has taken it on himself to educate each and every one of them. Normally, bartenders want to move on to the next customer as quickly as possible, but he's decided that it's in everyone's best interest to take the time to personally lecture each and every person at Blow Up who doesn't tip him, hoping that the knowlege and/or guilt spreads. "Hey, so just so you know? In a bar? You tip. That's how I pay my rent."

    I know I shouldn't find this so funny, but I really do. I'm always reminding staff to be nice to our customers, but sometimes, bad customers need a polite reminder that they're being jerks.

    You're getting away with paying your staff minimum wage, so they have to beg for tips to pay rent? And you're applauding their behaviour as a result? Hilarious. Are they in a union yet?

    (And who do you get off with at nine o'clock?)

  5. Matt says:

    I've always tipped when I can, even before working at multiple restaurants. I had problem tables essentially ruin my night and then add insult to injury by not even leaving a dollar, and I had zero maintenance tables drop 50% or more. Reality sits somewhere in between that, and post-restaurant I tend to tip big. I've been there.

    I say tip or don't tip, that's your choice, but stand up and declare you shouldn't have to, that it's selfish, that they should get a better job*, and slam "the tipping culture" like those Facebook comments - congratulations, you just graduated to complete and utter douchebag.

    I wonder if any of those dipshits would have the balls to spit on your staff if they were standing right there, because that's exactly what they're doing from the safety of their computers. I love how the 'net gives retards balls of steel.

    *Waiting tables was fun. I miss it sometimes.

  6. DFB says:

    Young adults are often clueless about tipping bartenders because they only learned about tipping from their parents but never went to a bar with them. It's not impolite for a bartender to explain that they're expected to work for less than in other service positions which aren't traditionally tipped.