Come on people, what did The Ramones have to say about this?

NY Tells Pet Cemeteries to Stop Taking in Humans

A state agency has told New York's animal cemeteries to stop burying the ashes of pet owners alongside their beloved cats, dogs and parakeets. The order from New York's Division of Cemeteries comes as a growing number of Americans are deciding to share their final resting place with their pets.

Ryan's wife, Bunny, and their two dogs, B.J. I and B.J. II, are buried at Hartsdale. Ryan had arranged, and prepaid, to join them, York said. There's also a space for B.J. III, who's still alive. But Ryan's ashes sit in a wooden box at his sister's home because the state's new rule won't allow him into Hartsdale.

Someone's gonna need to diagram that sentence for me. Is that "wife AND bunny", "wife NAMED Bunny", or "wife WHO IS A bunny"? Because I understand that sort of thing is possible now that we're no longer defending traditional marriage.

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  1. pavel_lishin says:

    Is there a prohibition about having your pet buried with you in a human cemetary?