Roomba Swarm Art

That first one looks very much like the "Vermiculate" screen saver.


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"This is going to change the way the bar industry runs."

This douchebag's startup is actually getting bars to pay them for this:

Wow. Just wow.

Facial detection cameras that will keep track of the number of people in a bar, including a running tally of ladies.

Cameras are set up at the bar's exits and entrances, says SceneTap CEO Cole Harper. The software is not savvy enough to, say, be linked up with Facebook and detect identity; it's just able to detect a face and its gender.

"This is going to change the way the bar industry runs," says Harper.

While the software can tell you the gender ratio, it unfortunately doesn't rate attractiveness.

This post is part of an ongoing effort to identify the people, places, ideas, products and companies that are poised to become central to the global conversation over the next six to nine months.

Cole Harper, may you never have sex again.

And you stay klassy, Forbes.

This idiotic idea is not even an original idiotic idea: there's a twitter feed called "yo bro, where the wimmins at" (it's not actually called that but I'm not telling you its real name because I don't want them getting the hits) who have been doing this by mining the gender field on Foursquare checkins for years. Every time they at-spam us on the Twits I mark them as spam, but the account is still there, despite being a pretty clear violation of Twitter's ToS. (Though actually it looks like they haven't updated in a while, so maybe their douchebro investors finally sobered up.)


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DNA Lounge: Wherein we present our regular installment, "Photos of GEAR".

Hey, we got some new stuff! Look at our stuff.

First there's the espresso machine. It arrived yesterday, and the service guy came out today and fixed a few things, but we're still waiting on a few parts, so it will probably be next week before it is pumping the magic. You were wondering what they look like inside, right?

Someone told Barry, with regards to buying a used espresso machine, "It's exactly like buying a motorcycle. If you haven't driven it yourself, assume it doesn't work and the the very first thing you have to do is take it to the shop." Given how much the interior of this thing looks like a Vespa, that makes perfect sense now.

The service manual is kind of adorable, though:

Also we have a coffee grinder. The espresso grinder is arriving in a few days. And a menu! Have you seen our giant, honkin' menu? Giant menu is giant.

And we got some new lights! Finally, ten years later, we have a real backline, so that the front of the stage and the back of the stage can be different colors without climing up on a ladder and re-gelling and re-aiming the par cans. Jeremy replaced eight of the pars with LEDs, that are independently addressable. Also, they run off of 110v instead of needing a dimmer pack, which is nice. I hope that someday, now that we live in the future, we can replace all of our lights with these things and not need dimmer packs any more, rendering that stupid transformer and its stupid 208v power obsolete.

I can dream.


Dial-up sound 700% slower


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