DNA Lounge: Wherein there's a pretty swell Roccopura video.

This video is one of those artifacts that makes me think, "Yup, this is my job. And that's ok."


Today in Livejournal Deathwatch news

It seems that the LJ Jabber server stopped peering with Google a few weeks ago.

So I've finally divested myself of the last piece of Livejournal infrastructure that I actually used. Plonk. If you have me in your Jabber contact list as "jwz@livejournal.com" switch that to "yesthatjwz@gmail.com". (Not actually used as an email address.)

Google seems to realize that my real email address is jwz@jwz.org. If anyone can tell me how to make Google's Jabber server believe that jwz@jwz.org is my Jabber address, that'd be nice.


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Medical TV Series Seeking Female who Vaginally Drinks Alcohol

los angeles craigslist > SF valley > jobs > tv/film/video/radio jobs

A new medical TV Series is seeking unique and culturally relevant cases. Are you concerned that your recreational drug use or other activities are harming your body? This show will get you a free consultation with an amazing Doctor looking to help and inform. Please apply ASAP if interested.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Compensation: Medical Consultation

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