I wish my feeds had a kill file for any page titled "[Number] [synonym for awesome] [nouns] that [verb]".

If you have ever written this headline, please throw yourself into a fire. Thanks.

(Oooh! A top ten list!)

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14 Responses:

  1. Mike says:

    This is clearly one of Ten Bitchin' Blog Posts That Rock.

  2. Whatever you do, do not subscribe to the Cracked magazine feed.

  3. 1 Great Post that Breaks RSS Readers.

    Congrats, you broke my RSS feed reader AND your own recent comments widget by not titling this post.

  4. fantasygoat says:

    Bitches love top 5 lists.

  5. David M.A. says:

    7 Insane Internet Tendencies That Make jwz Hate The Network.

  6. In related news, are there any feed readers that have kill files of some sort, besides user CSS? Lots of things I'd like to kill that I can't come up with ways to do in CSS.

    • freiheit says:

      Here's something that just might work, but is more likely to annoy and torture you:

      Set up a Yahoo Pipe that subscribes to the original feed, filters out the stuff you don't want, and gives you a new feed. Subscribe to that feed in your feed reader instead.

      I've only used Yahoo Pipes to modify the items in a feed, but I suspect it can also remove items from a feed.

  7. Surely, it can't be *that* difficult to get the low-hanging fruit with $title =~ m/\d+\s\w+\s\w+(e)?s\sthat\s\w+(!)?/ (or similar)... can it?

      • I'm not sure how using regular expressions to address a pattern matching problem is even remotely related to the circumstance you reference.

        • Off-the-cuff suggestions that the author could simply use regular expressions to solve his problem are quite firmly in the camp of "things likely to get one a snarky response" around here.

          It still awes me how when jwz asks a question for which he genuinely needs an answer he doesn't get one, but if he posts a rant (which doesn't even need to be in the format of a rhetorical question) there's always some helpful soul ready with some banal "solution".