If you'd like to invest $10M in my pizza restaurant, please let me know.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Gets $10 Million in Venture Funding

But wait! This grilled cheese isn't just a sandwich; it's a technology platform. "We created a set of applications and mobile technology to allow you to order your Melt anywhere," Kaplan told a (probably!) rapt audience. Through the magic of this advanced iPhone technology, people will be able to enter a restaurant and emerge minutes later with a hot sandwich. Can you imagine? The future is almost here! And remember: Despite what anyone tells you, we're not in a tech bubble!
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I wish my feeds had a kill file for any page titled "[Number] [synonym for awesome] [nouns] that [verb]".

If you have ever written this headline, please throw yourself into a fire. Thanks.

(Oooh! A top ten list!)

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Dali Clock no longer available in app store

Update: ok, it looks like the whole app store has been fucked for more than a day. It's still an open question as to whether you can download an existing app if the developer hasn't paid up their $100/year. I hadn't tried, and now I can't...

Update 2: Yeah, it looks like it's been pulled. Good times.

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Storm Large

My phone photos of Storm Large tonight were predictably crap, so enjoy these videos of Storm Inc. @dnalounge in 2001 instead. They were the third band to ever grace our stage! This originally aired on the "Locals Only" TV show. Their show tonight at Red Devil was amazing, and if you don't go see them at their second show tomorrow night, you are a god damned fool.

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