Scientists to Nightclub Owners: For Happier Customers, Cover Up Pit Stink With Delicious Fragrances

"Environmental Fragrancing"

Dutch scientists suggest that as smoking bans mean club-goers can now smell all the nasty beer, puke, sweat, and so on in nightclubs, owners may want to spritz their businesses with "carefully selected fragrances [that] can enhance dancing activity, improve the overall perception of the evening, and improve how nightclub goers rate the music as well as their mood," as a press release puts it.

Their scents of choice were peppermint, orange, and seawater, dispersed via fragrance machines into three different clubs popular with students. The researchers observed the levels of dancing on the dance floor and afterwards waylaid 849 club-goers with questionnaires. Did they have a good time? How was the music? How were they feeling?

The researchers found that the scents got people to dance more and upped their mood and attitudes about the clubs compared with scentless trials, and that each of the three smells had the same effect. Nevertheless, they concluded that "environmental fragrancing" might be a real draw for nightclubs, encouraging return visits and greater spending.

"People enjoy rooms that don't smell like rotting beer and sweat. In other news, water is still wet."

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7 Responses:

  1. Editer says:

    Ah, but now there's science!

  2. Lloyd says:

    Not news. Consider the smoking ban in the UK:

    The smoking ban has already produced some surprising consequences. Take smells. Tobacco smoke may have been unpleasant but it masked a myriad odours. Since the ban, hundreds of pubs have been forced to steam-clean carpets stiff with years of beer spillage and other deposits. Nightclubs are now pumping perfume into their air-conditioning systems to mask the body odour given off by dancers.
    "It's not just beer spill," says Caroline Nodder, editor of The Publican. "Some regulars have been discovered to be not the most fragrant of people."

    -- After the smoking ban - the bars that emptied, Neil Tweedie, Daily Telegraph, 23 August 2007.

    It's not as if you have steam-cleaning carpet bills.

    • I've never understood the idea that "stinking more foully than unwashed louts" is a recommendation for tobacco. I guess it must be that special smoker logic.

      • phuzz says:

        Look at it from the point of view of a nightclub owner;
        You could pay money to cover up stinky people smells with some synthetic chemical, or you could let your customers come in and cover up their own smells. You could even sell them the cigarettes!

        (personally it's only stale smoke that I don't like the smell of, but then I am a smoker)

  3. Aatheus says:

    "In other news, water is still wet".

    A bit of an obvious-conclusion article, but if it gets club owners to keep their places cleaner...

    I will note that when I've gone to DNA Lounge, I have noticed neither stale beer nor sweaty bodies. Keeping it classy and not trashy!

  4. A bit off topic, but here is what I remember when I was at the DNA a few years ago....

    a)When I was checking my yahoo email on one of the kiosks at second floor at the club, I had two drunk white dudes come up to me and ask if I was hacking the Department of Defense computers.

    b)The one bartender seemed to go out of her way to please me. I don't know if this chick had a crush on me or was she just overly excited because I tipped her the first time.

    c)I saw a girl hit a guy before security came over and dragged the dude out.

    d)The gal that collected the front money kind of looked like a man. I started to ask her if that was a mustache. Before I could finish the question, she gave me a free pass to the next event.

    e)The beer was never stale and the service was far far better than some of the other clubs in the same area. The only that is better is a club down the road. The bartenders sometimes will give you a free soda if they know you are a designated driver.

  5. Gosh my grammar blows when I'm drunk.