San Francisco is over capacity. Please delete anyone you can.

I know we only get two weeks of nice weather a year, but during those two weeks, we really need more outdoor sittin'-and-drinkin' options.

I mean, this bar was our third choice! That's downright uncivilized.

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  1. Hrm. "Outdoor seating" isn't really a metric I keep track of on (or for other cities, see, but it's a good one. The only one in that last I can think of off the top of my head that I know has outdoor seating is Bar Agricole (next to your place of business, so I expect it'd either be off the list by virtue of proximity or likely to be full).

    Oh, based on the GPS coordinates, I guess you ended up at the Slanted Door (or something else in the Ferry Building), so there's that too, I suppose. Pier 23 also has outdoor seating in back (and an old-timey bar), but I wouldn't go fancy-pants on the cocktails.

    What else is there? (Or, if you actually think it'd be useful, I'll be happy to let you modify that Google map.)

    • jwz says:

      Nice! We tried Waterbar,then Epic, eventually ending up at Marketbar.

      • Gah, I'm horribly out of date, as I've actually been to both Waterbar and MarketBar, but I'm pretty sure neither are on that map. My best defense is that I don't know anybody who works at either, which is a lousy defense; my lousy excuse is to blame work. Thanks for the reminder!

        For whatever it's worth: it lacks outdoor seating, but the one true bar that I, personally, like most on there is Comstock, run by former Absinthe people, fancy cocktails or beer-and-shot, retaining (probably not functionally enough for one to test) the piss-trough before the bar, so forth. (Your business neighbor Thad's joint is plausibly second, but they're really a restaurant. Also, I'm pretty stupid about rum, so it's intimidating.)

        • jwz says:

          Comstock is very nice, though I've only been there two or three times. Nortony evidence!

          • Ah, yes, the insanely apocryphal Emperor of the US & Protector of Mexico... Did you get the run down on how that statue came to be there? (Jeff Hollinger, the owner, spins a good yarn about it.)

            • Nick Lamb says:

              How is the emperor apocryphal? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

              Of course lots of the stories about Norton are apocryphal, but the city's records make it pretty clear he existed, that he was treated with respect by at least some fraction of its residents during his lifetime, and that he had a lasting impact on its character.

      • Matt Knopp says:

        Skool has a nice deck.

        • Matt Knopp says:

          Their deck is small, like most SF places it seats ~12.

          Mars Bar has a patio.

          • Whenever I hear of some other place calling itself Mars Bar, I'm reminded of the Platonic Ideal. (Not that that's a place to sit outside or to get anything that's not cheap beer or straight liquor. Or an STD, if various parties are to be believed.)

            • sneak says:

              I'm sure you're as sorry as I was at hearing the news that it's now closed. Anachronisms can only exist for so long, really.

              • They're not actually closed yet (at least, as of a couple of weeks ago) because the neighborhood & zoning communities haven't actually approved the condo renovation yet, but yes, that's still happening "soon" (and Hank Penza still says he'll reopen in a couple of years, but I wouldn't hold my breath).

                At this point, if you want a dive bar in NYC, you kinda have to follow the hipster migration from the LES to Brooklyn to, for example, the Bushwick Country Club, proudly serving alcoholic slushies, ostensibly having the source of the the pickle back revival, and providing a 9-hole minigolf course in the back yard.

  2. I note for the record that there is a fair amount of underutilized roof space at 371–375 11th St.

  3. Ashley says:

    Damn-the one day I work in the SF office (I had lawyerly things to do in the city lunchtime). I looked out over Epic from the cafe this afternoon.