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Dear Lazyweb, is there a service like Google Blog Search but that actually works?

We will define "works" as: gives me an RSS feed of timely references to or links to my sites; omits links that are months or years old; and is not brimming with spam. (Google Blog Search fails on all three of these.)

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  1. Ben Brockert says:

    Have you tried Google Alerts?

    Probably has some of the (lack of) functionality of the blog searcher, but depending on what you have turned on it does a good job of letting me know when friends are in the news.

  2. Paul Roub says:

    IceRocket seems much more succesful on those counts; among other things, it lets you specify a "published-on" cutoff. e.g. to see references to "DNA lounge" published in the past week:

    • Paul Roub says:

      FYI, I had to manually restore the "dr=2" parameter, which means "in the last week", apparently. It was in the search results page's URL, but the RSS link on said page omits it.

    • jwz says:

      The fact that there are only 2 hits there doesn't really recommend it.

  3. Otto says:

    Google Blog Search works "okay" if you heavily limit it and force it to order the results properly. The Incoming Links section in your WordPress dashboard is a Google Blog Search.

    But without some effort on the search query and so forth, yeah, it's pretty useless.

  4. Chris Koontz says:

    If you want only major mentions, you could use

    • jwz says:

      No. I used to use that years ago, before it morphed into ... whatever ad-saddled nonsense it is today. Type "DNA Lounge" into it and you get one hit and even that's a mismatch. *plonk*

  5. Bram Cohen says:

    Blekko with /date works okay. At least, it works better than google blogsearch, icerocket, and technorati. Granted, that isn't much of a bar.

  6. Bram Cohen says:

    And it turns out Topsy is useful too.