Magnetic Swarming Snitches

Throwable Robot Can Climb Aboard Ships, Spy on Pirates

ReconRobotics is making a seafaring version of its ReconScout Throwbot, a one-pound remote-controlled robot that can be tossed into a building and zip around taking video surveillance, sending the feed back to its controller. This new bot has magnetic wheels that let it drive straight up a vertical metal wall--meaning that if anti-piracy forces toss the robot onto a ship's hull, it can climb on board and send back valuable video recon.

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2 Responses:

  1. Hex says:

    Score another one for Philip K. Dick... he predicted small robotic snitches in "The Man Who Japed" in 1956.

  2. pavel_lishin says:

    It's a little noisy. I suppose it would work great on a ship, not so much anyplace quiet.