jwz mixtape 146E

My one hundredth mixtape is coming up soon, but before that, I thought I'd re-release a few of my favorite mixtapes from the first year. These are audio-only, and so they will expire in two weeks. Please enjoy mixtapes ØØ1, ØØ4, ØØ6 and Ø14.
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5 Responses:

  1. Sean B says:

    I've been very slowly working through the original audio mixtapes, I'm about halfway through now -- I basically only listen to them when I'm on an airplane around Christmas, so I've never been able to thank you for these in a timely fashion. It's been an important source for me discovering new (to me) music.

    So this reprise is as good a time as any. Thanks!

    (From 001 I discovered Jem and The Bastard Fairies, and from 004 I finally got into Babes in Toyland. Say Hi [To Your Mom] and Pretty Balanced didn't hook me until later mixtapes. Full List - I count 38 albums/EPs purchased from 36 mixtapes. There's more music on them that I like -- I just already owned them.)

  2. Jon says:

    Ø14 was one of my favourites, thank you for bringing it out again!

  3. Luke Lathrop says:

    I spent about a year listening to 64 over and over again....my middle son (2 at the time) liked to listen before bed. I can still hear some of those in my sleep

  4. Edouard says:

    Awesome - I'd forgotten mixtape 77 introduced me to La Roux. Thank-you again. Also, just (20 minutes ago) discovered The Glitch Mob, which I now see you got by way of a Tron Legacy remix.

  5. Neko S. says:

    I remember that one you had with Primal Scream's 'Vanishing Point' in it. Believe that it was the mixtape with the racing theme?

    The whole mixtape remains excellent, yet that specific part fucked my mind on a loop with fierce velocity.

    I also fondly remember that one with the rickroll. I actually thought my downloads " crossed streams" at first. One major case of cognitive dissonance, holy fuck.