It's probably about time that you re-read Apocamon.

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  1. antifuchs says:

    VERY YES. The best thing about that rapture craze is that many more people will have been introduced to Patrick Farley's work. Of his entire body of work, Apocamon has held up the best, I think.

    • Lloyd says:

      'Apocamon' is not even finished, and it's based on a bad sequel.

      'The guy I almost was' is the most thought-provoking of Farley's work.

  2. Gottlob says:

    This is the first legitimate use for Flash I've ever seen. It's a real pisser you can't view it on the iPad. Perhaps El Jobso would relent if somebody sent him the link?

  3. Jonathan Abbey says:

    Pity Farley never got back to this, kickstarter or no. ;-/

  4. Editer says:

    I don't see the original "Spiders", but there's a "prologue" that I don't remember seeing before; maybe he's re-imagining that one?

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