Hatefuck hacking

These days, almost all of my software is written out of anger. I used to program for fun, and then for convenience. Now, it's motivated almost exclusively by rage.
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  1. Sean says:

    And is the code better or worse for it?

  2. Mike Hoye says:

    I hear that. Some of my greatest work has gone into making things work the way they should have in the goddamn first place.

  3. Nako Hszm says:

    Haha. Come hang out with me at a show tomorrow!

  4. Nako: was planning on it!

  5. Nako Hszm says:

    Meet you there?

  6. peterix says:

    Welcome to the world of hate driven development.

  7. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to softwaring.

  8. fantasygoat says:

    Sounds like Agile.

  9. pavel_lishin says:

    It also seems like the angrier you get, the closer your posts come to fitting into a tweet.

    Soon, your posts will simply consist of "Hate AppleScript".

  10. aarjona says:

    I like that the short link for this post is http://jwz.org/b/ygay

  11. Yup! Also considering Vivian Girls tonight. You think Hundred in the Hands will sell out? I never have any idea who's popular and who's not.

  12. Nako Hszm says:

    I don't know but if it does sell out, I can threaten some people that work there. You'll be fine.

  13. Ian Young says:

    I just wish more of the code you wrote also was a mailreader. It's just not the same these days.

  14. Noah says:

    Current music: Rage Against the Machine

  15. Tim says:

    Are you sure? I've looked at some of your code over the years and I can feel the hate through the monitor. Admittedly, most of this was X11 stuff...

  16. zuvembi says:

    I've generated a lot of software out of spite in the last year or two.

    Continuous Integration Server - "No, fuck you! You broke the build!"

    Staging repository / web-app - "Jesus christ! That shell script only has two parameters. How do you put your pants on in the morning?"

    pre-commit checks - "Fuck me. You can't even do svn switch right, what is your major malfuction? And I fucking dare you to put 'initial import' again (for the 72nd time)."

    Source control quick search webapp - "God damn it! If you tell me it's a merge problem one more time without at least looking at the code change first, I'm going to go over there and defenestrate you."

    Continuous Review software - "You didn't review any of that code you lying scrote weasel. Time for five minutes with a live octopus down the pants!"

    Database munging to actually make our bug database work in a browser - "I fucking hate you so so so much Kwality Center. I hope someone got primo lap dances and scotch to buy this piece of shit."

  17. serge says:

    The more I live, the more I hate humans and like well-designed programs.

    Now playing : Hate Eternal - The Plague of Humanity

  18. Right on. Testy-driven programming.

  19. There's a Bruce Sterling novel in which two groups of hackers end up going to war over differing network protocols.

  20. Marcos Dione says:

    My development is not exactly hate-driven, but hate is, sometimes, definitely in the process. Of course it all begins with some kind of bug that you spend hours tracking, figuring out, staring at, bitching about, and, if you're lucky, fixing and having a venting fit, which may include some, but not necessarily all, of: loud voice cursing, tearing of garments and object trowing to nowhere in particular and/or the author of the bug.

  21. John Morton says:

    From The Making of: Repton:

    The game: Repton, the author: a now reflective Tim Tyler. Yet two years afterwards, before he’d even finished his A-levels, Tyler had sold the franchise to the name of his lizard and confessed that he was through with programming, calling it “too inhumane to make a career of”.

  22. sneak says:

    How else could we have ended up with UNIX?

  23. Is it possible to write software out of something different than anger?

    out of what?