Bionic hand for 'elective amputation' patient

An Austrian man has voluntarily had his hand amputated so he can be fitted with a bionic limb.

The patient, called "Milo", aged 26, lost the use of his right hand in a motorcycle accident a decade ago. After his stump heals in several weeks' time, he will be fitted with a bionic hand which will be controlled by nerve signals in his own arm.

"The operation will change my life. I live 10 years with this hand and it cannot be (made) better. The only way is to cut this down and I get a new arm," Milo told BBC News prior to his surgery at Vienna's General Hospital.

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4 Responses:

  1. Edouard says:

    Every time Max Barry writes a book about the near future, it ends up coming true (in a shorter and shorter timeframe I've noticed). Max's last book was about a guy cutting off limbs and having them replaced with robotic versions...

  2. phuzz says:

    Compare and contrast this with this advert for the forthcoming Deus Ex game.
    Yup, we're living in the future alright.