Referer snooping

Dear Lazyweb, is there a service like Google Blog Search but that actually works?

We will define "works" as: gives me an RSS feed of timely references to or links to my sites; omits links that are months or years old; and is not brimming with spam. (Google Blog Search fails on all three of these.)

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XScreenSaver 5.14

XScreenSaver 5.14 is out now, because I'm sick of getting email about 5.13. Turns out I introduced a bug that only happened if you were using "Blank Screen Only" mode and had Power Management turned off. So the bug happened if you installed XScreenSaver -- the key words here being SCREEN SAVER -- and then configured it to not actually run any screen savers, and also, not ever power your monitor down. That's right, make sure it's displaying that black screen at peak voltage, boy howdy! Who would do that? Apparently almost everybody. And they all sent me mail. So here's the fix. Though I strongly recommend that if you're not running any of the actual screen savers that come with XScreenSaver, that you just uninstall it and stop wasting my time and yours. You kids get off of my lawn.
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