Computational feces.

I used to think that PHP was the biggest, stinkiest dump that the computer industry had taken on my life in a decade. Then I started needing to do things that could only be accomplished in AppleScript.
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The world needs more Tank Girl, that's all.

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Just reach in there and wiggle that shit around for me, would you? Thanks.

The so-called "Kiss Transmission Device".

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I get mail.

Some recent gems:

From: Roberto ... <...>
Subject: Platform tips
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 12:22:03 +0800

Hello jwz! How u doin? I d like to ask u, if u have got some spare time of course, if u could hit me with some knowledge regarding the building of a social platform. As if it was a flowchart. Wat are the technical parts (soft and hardware) and social aspects (find the right< partners/right number of builders) of the whole process from day 1 to the customer delivery?

Hope not to bother u and just wana let u know that U d give me the biggest help ever :))

ciao, Roberto

From: Jamie Zawinski <>
Subject: Re: Platform tips
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 01:30:53 -0700
To: Roberto ... <...>

Phase one: Collect underpants.
Phase three: Profit.

I'll take 30%.

From: Kedar ... <...>
Subject: about the pearl app/script
Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 14:38:03 +0530

i have found ur website and found it very intresting.....
i wanted to ask ur created app called
"stockWorth.p....on site..""..

as we know tht.... is a perl script originally written by U.

my question's:-

1.Does this app/script works only..on perl based website... to use this script with firefox 3.6..
3.details to use this script....with launch of firefox.
4.How to use this script..with stock marketing...
5.can i use this script for "PLAYING WITH STOCK MARKET" to earn money...
6.AS I LIVE IN INDIAN....can this script use with "INDIAN STOCK MARKET"....

can u give me these script...with advance features...

thank u...... reply soon

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iTunes synchronization

A few days ago I asked, "Is there an iTunes-synchronization tool that actually works?" The answer is, apparently, "no", so I wrote my own:

It's kind of halfassed. If it breaks, feel free to keep both pieces.

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