XScreenSaver 5.13 out now

XScreenSaver 5.13 is out now.

Mostly a bug-fix release, and there were quite a few of those.

This was built with XCode 3.2.6 on MacOS 10.6.7, so the executables should all work on PPC, i386 and x86_64 all the way back to 10.4.0.

However, this may end up being the last release with PPC support, since XCode 4.x conspires to make it difficult to continue to build those, and I'm going to have to upgrade eventually. So get it while it's hot.

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  1. Andy T says:

    Just an fyi but the tweeted shortlink to this post has a trailing dash, which sent me to a 404 page on jwz.org when I clicked it on the twitter website. Silly twitter!

  2. Lloyd says:

    Since so many of Xscreensaver's saver's reference Wikipedia, it would make sense to create a Wikipedia category of pages that are demonstrated by Xscreensaver savers, and indicate that Xscreensaver has a live demo of the concept by including the category on each page. Improving the 'hacks' list on the Xscreensaver Wikipedia page with links is a poor alternative.

    (Also, the readme could be clearer about the installing for all option - is that when you doubleclick a saver, or when you drag to a folder? Does it come up after a password? I got an admin password box, but didn't get the install for all question. Everything's in the system Library/Screen Savers, nothing under user/)

    • jwz says:

      The Wikipedia thing sounds like a decent idea, but I'm not going to do it, because getting into some kind of wiki edit war while people accuse me of self-promotion sounds just slightly less fun than chewing glass.

      If you have suggestions for how to phrase things more clearly in the readme, I'm open to suggestions. Installing for user-versus-all by dragging, rather than by double-clicking, depends on which folder you drag them to.

      • Lloyd says:

        I simply highlighted all and double-clicked, which imo should be the recommended method discussed in detail - you will be asked an admin password, and everything will end up under /Library. Why the double-clicked screensaver gets installed and not run by Wallsaver is beyond me - because it's on a dmg?

        The text in the upgrading section threw me (though it was good to see, as I've hit the savers-in-two-places problem before), but on reflection only seems to refer to dragging file icons around, which is _so_ 90s.

        Notes on dragging-if-you-want-to to different folders need to indicate what happens with which folder - presumably (though I haven't tested this) /Library requires an admin password while user/Library doesn't.

  3. Dougie says:

    Whenever I read BSOD, I always hear "TVOD" from The Normal in my head.

  4. James C. says:

    Apple’s current “Use random screen saver” option blows goats because you can’t tell it not to use pictures nor to avoid feculent offal like their builtin “RSS Visualizer” that bombards you with Apple ads. Thus by default there’s no good random XScreensaver selector. But XScreensaver need not implement one, there’s a perfectly serviceable screen saver randomizer already available – RandomExtra. It has a nice weighting feature that allows you to prefer certain screen savers over others. Check it out, you may want to recommend it to your Mac OS X users. (I’m a satisfied user of both RandomExtra and XScreensaver, unaffiliated with either.)

  5. zauber says:

    OS X user here -- what would be the easiest way to run the equivalent of phosphor -program ssh localhost? Any way to do that from an OS X Terminal?

    I've had some success hijacking SaverTester to do this, but was wondering if there was more direct way.


    • jwz says:

      On OSX, SaverTester is probably the easiest way, if you want to type at it interactively.

      • zauber says:

        Fantastic -- this is working nicely. However, I note that at a -delay of 0 phosphor is still a tiny bit slow. Do you have any hints as to how to make it even faster?

        Thanks again!