Late Bloomer: H. P. Lovecraft Sex Ed

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DNA Lounge: Wherein signage (slow news day).

Jay got this great shot of the shadow of the new half-sign on the building yesterday, when the Stars Were Right. This is a nice effect that will no longer happen once the rest of the sign is up:

Also, some additional stylish interior signage is back from the printer:


Jersey Shore Gone Wilde

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Bigwheel 11


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Pogo: Living Island (H.R. Pufnstuf Remix)

This is relevant to a number of my interests.

Also, I had never noticed that Lemmings was lifted directly from Pufnstuf!

Did you know that the Kroffts sued McDonald's for ripping them off and won?

Previously, previously, previously.

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Best dollhouse ever.

Alan Wolfson:

"I wanted to build a piece that resembled a core sample of a city street. As though you took a street, dug it up, and lifted it straight off the earth. "Canal St. Cross-Section" is a combination of five major pieces built into one box. There's a street scene on the top with a subway entrance on the corner. Looking down into the subway entrance, you are led to the two subterranean levels of the piece, both of which have intersecting cross views visible through the small windows on the sides of the piece."

More details about how he constructs these toward the bottom of the FAQ.


DNA Lounge: Wherein we have almost half of a pizza sign!

Check out the fresh signery!

Only the north panel has gone up so far; the south panel and the interior green lighting will appear in the next few weeks. Hooray!


projector repair?

Dear Lazyweb, my Panasonic PT-D5500U projector died. Know anyone local who repairs such things? It is really heavy, so shipping it would suck.

Neither lamp will turn on, and both lamp status lights blink three times. I had just replaced both lamps a couple days before, but putting the old lamps back in doesn't fix it.

The "find a repair center" link on the Panasonic site is conveniently 404.

Update: The only local-ish place I found that repairs these is Media Associates in Mountain View.

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As Authorized by The Telecommunication Breakdown Act of 1995

(Normally I would just drop this in a mixtape, but I'm way behind, so here.)

Mike Relm: 0000 Remix

Based on this trailer.

I met Mike briefly, and was shocked to learn that he was unfamiliar with Emergency Broadcast Network. This is, apparently, not an uncommon state of affairs amongst the VJ types these days -- it's not the first time I've had this conversation! It is baffling to me, as if A Place to Bury Strangers had claimed to be unfamiliar with Jesus and Mary Chain.

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Dropbox doesn't actually encrypt your files.

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

Dropbox recently announced an update to its security terms of service in which they announced that they would provide the government with your decrypted files if requested to do so.

This is not my problem with Dropbox.

My problem is that for as long as I have tried to figure out, Dropbox made some bold claims about how your files were encrypted and how nobody had access to them, with statements like:

  • All transmission of file data occurs over an encrypted channel (SSL).
  • All files stored on Dropbox servers are encrypted (AES-256)
  • Dropbox employees aren't able to access user files, and when troubleshooting an account they only have access to file metadata (filenames, file sizes, etc., not the file contents)

This announcement means that Dropbox never had any mechanism to prevent employees from accessing your files, and it means that Dropbox never had the crypto smarts to ensure the privacy of your files and never had the smarts to only decrypt the files for you. It turns out, they keep their keys on their servers, and anyone with clearance at Dropbox or anyone that manages to hack into their servers would be able to get access to your files.

Dropbox CTO Arash Ferdowsi admits that they were always able to access the contents of user files if they felt like it.

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