Some of these are really good!

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  1. Was that... dear god... yes, that was a zombie stormtrooper.

    • Jim says:

      Sounds like you'd be surprised to learn that zombie Stormtroopers are canon these days, since the Death Troopers novel last year. What great sci-fi franchise isn't improved by zombies?

    • 205guy says:

      I think the stormtrooper Elvis (or is that Liberace, 1:13 in the second video) is a much better character mashup, funny too.

      I was briefly interested in Firefly, until I found out about the whole reaver thing, aka Zombies in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

      • You shouldn't let Zombies In Spaaaaace put you off Firefly, unless you're looking for an excuse not to like it. It's an entertaining show.

        Reavers feature in two of the 14 regular episodes, plus the Big Damn Movie (where, spoiler, you get an acceptable in-universe explanation for them); in most episodes the antagonists are just ordinary greedy humans. Depending on your definitions, Reavers aren't even really zombies; functionally they're cannibal pirates in spaaaaaace, with a dash of orc.

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        Plus, they aren't undead, and even if they were undead, they'd be vampires, because their infection is selective.
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  2. Jessica Beth says:

    WOW! Some amazing ones! I also love the video action of people trying to settle on their camera pose/face...

  3. Eric TF Bat says:

    So many irritating Geoff Johns characters... so much ill-advised spandex...

    But the real question is: what is the plural of Boba Fett? Bobas Fetts? Bobae Fett? Bobim Fettim?

  4. There's a lady at 1:44 in the second video who's super power is keeping her ample boobs inside her top. There must be some kind of forcefield there.

  5. Stormtrooper Elvis was clever. I also thought Wolverine/Boba Fett was surprisingly well done.

    Also, there are an awful lot of people that bring extremely realistic-looking weaponry to that convention. Working security there must be awful.