Dear Lazyweb, what's a good, cheap UPS for home?

I ask because that question is apparently un-Googleable spam-bait, drowned in snake-oil.

I have a Back-UPS CS 350, and I think it's the third one I've had. They are apparently shit, but it's the only model that Central stocks, which means I get to avoid the zillion dollar shipping charges since they're so heavy. So hey, it doesn't work, but at least it's cheap?

My new iMac arrived, and upon swapping it in, now the UPS starts screaming at me every time the CPU gets loaded, which presumably means it doesn't feel it can keep up -- but the only thing plugged in is the iMac and a bunch of tiny things like the DSL modem and USB hub, so it's not like I can do anything about that.

Maybe this means that the less-than-a-year-old battery is dying already, but I strongly suspect endemic fuckage of this model of UPS.

I could just order the cheapest thing Amazon sells that has twice the power rating of this piece of junk, but I suspect that the Lazyweb has more nuanced opinions than that.

(And yeah, the power does go out at my house often enough that I need one.)

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Non-Threatening Vampires with Steve Buscemeyes.

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The Hidden Cost of Cabs

Obviously he's biased, but he has some real numbers. The Uber Cab guy busts on regular cabs:

[ For flagged-down cabs: ]

59% of cabs show within 15 minutes
88% of cabs show within 30 minutes

Apparently, however, only 35% of all cab rides taken in SF were flag downs, so most of you don’t bother trying to flag down a cab anyway!

[ For dispatched cabs: ]

64% of cabs show within 10 minutes
82% of cabs show within 15 minutes
99% of cabs show within 30 minutes

But those numbers are deceptive, because they’re only for cabs that actually showed up after dispatch promised a car. The SFMTA report found that 35% of dispatched cabs just never arrive!


Every third time you call, the cab they say is coming to pick you up just straight up won’t.

It gets even worse. That report breaks data down by specific days and times. Weekend nights? Horrible times to try and get a cab:

12% of cabs show within 10 minutes
22% of cabs show within 15 minutes
27% of cabs show within 30 minutes
72% (!!!) of cabs never show up

Holy. Crap. The vast majority of the time you call dispatch (if you can even get someone to answer the phone), your cab’s just not ever going to come. And if it does, it’s going to take well over 30 minutes.

The "taxi medallion" scam is one of the most egregious pieces of corporate welfare we have, since it screws up the world on a daily basis by breaking public transportation. "Oh, we have to limit the number of cabs on the streets, because without that artificial scarcity, cab drivers and cab companies wouldn't make enough money." Fuck you.

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