What the banana was missing was shrinkwrap!

They will be marketed under the slogan ‘Natural Energy Snack on the Go’.

While the trial may seem bizarre at a time when big businesses are under pressure to reduce packaging waste, Del Monte insists the addition of a clear plastic bag is actually a green measure. The company claims that the bag contains ‘Controlled Ripening Technology’ – which extends the shelf-life of the banana by up to six days.

Don't tell Kirk Cameron.


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18 Responses:

  1. Pavel says:

    Next month they'll come out with a wrapper for the shrinkwrap, which will extend the lifetime of the shrinkwrap by up to seven thousand years.

    • Edouard says:

      Reminds me of the last soap I bought. I took the six pack of soap out of the plastic shopping bag, opened the pack's plastic wrapper, took out a bar in it's cardboard box, opened the box, took out the soap in it's plastic wrapper, and finally opened that plastic wrapper. And then I could have my shower.

      Oh, and there's a sticker on the actual soap. But its, you know, quite small.

      • jwz says:

        The worst part about this is that soap is BY DEFINITION CLEAN.

      • Line Noise says:

        We recently purchased 12 Hewlett Packard servers. They were delivered with license keys for the lights out management software . . . two 1 cubic foot boxes containing six smaller boxes each. The smaller boxes each contained an envelope. Each envelope contained a piece of paper with a license key printed on it. I cried.

        • jwz says:

          This story sounds very familiar.

          • gryazi says:

            thedailywtf.com and The Inq/The Reg all have running observations of this sort.

            I am impressed by HP's ability to send out the wrong part repeatedly and say 'Just keep it.' If only I could convince them to do that with something expensive rather than entire unnecessary case fronts (bezels not included) when looking for a drive-bay bezel.

            • I had a sane and reasonably competent x86 HP phone support person (needed to rma 11 drives), had to use the phone because the website and chat were either broken or required info that was only on a server installed years ago, you need serial number (hello dmidecode) and model number (no, not the name). Gee, I thought HP only used such people for HPUX support.

  2. DFB says:

    The robots that mine our metals back from landfills in the future are going to gripe about this too.

  3. scjody says:

    They've had those in Japan for years, only they're not branded. Not sure if it actually extends the shelf life because I've never seen a banana packaged more than 1 day ago offered for sale (they're stickered and barcoded, naturally.)

    • Edouard says:

      In Japan I've seen two slices of bread in plastic packet for sale. For when you are out and decide you want to make a sandwich.

      They also put vending machine on top of mountains. Because when you've climbed to the top of a mountain, you'll want something to eat and drink.

      It's a very well thought-out country.

      • Matt K says:

        That's nothing compared to the Netherlands. They have single slices of cheese (and ham) in a plastic tray and wrapped in cellophane. Many foodstuffs in canteens are single serving containers, and generate a lot of waste.

      • Piku says:

        Well over here in the UK you can catch a train to the top of one of our mountains, enjoy a burger in the cafe and then catch the train back again.

        In the Alps you can catch a cablecar to the top of most high bits of ground.

        We live in a very civilised world. Or lazy... can't work it out ;-)

    • tegeran says:

      I don't know how long it's been going on, but I've been in Taiwan a lot lately, and the 7-11s here all have them (and there is nowhere you can stand in Taipei without being able to see a 7-11).

      They usually look sickly to me, though, so I've never bought one.

  4. Alex says:

    The "natural energy snack on the go" and it's a banana shtick is far from original. I remember an ad campaign for Dole apples in about 1992 with the tag "The new apple flavoured snack from Dole".