Pizza POS?

Dear Lazyweb, help me find point-of-sale software for DNA Pizza. My requirements include:

  • Runs on a Mac Mini with touchscreen and cash drawer;
  • Has support for pizza-specific order details, such as, two toppings on one half, three different toppings on the other half;

  • Understands delivery orders as well as in-person orders;

  • Can do caller-ID-based database queries, to enable conversations like, "Is this Foo? Are you still at 123 Bar St.? Would you like the same thing you ordered last time?"

There are a huge number of rather sophisticated looking pizza-restaurant-specific software packages out there for Windows that do this and more, but I haven't been able to track down any Mac versions yet. (Anything running on a Microsoft substrate is a deal-breaker, so let's not even discuss it, ok?)

We inherited a Linux-based POS from the previous owners, but it's crappy, and tech support is from a phone bank in India, so we're just going to junk it.

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  1. grey says:

    What about square? They're local, run on iOS and seem relatively sane in an otherwise shitty world of PoS systems. I've used another PoS on OSX @ om shan tea, it stinks; like literally a step down from a mechanical cash drawer, but I can find out the name and lyk soon if you want. In general my experience with PoS systems is they all fucking suck; but hey a lot of them support AS/400 backends!

    Square seems like a breath of fresh air in a horridly stagnant industry.

    • jwz says:

      Square is a card reader and payment processor, not a POS. That's like, 1% of the solution.

      • grey says:

        I'm not sure what it is you're looking for in a PoS; but at least on iPads I've seen it used with different items, accepts cash payments (not just cards), etc.


        I haven't used it personally; but I think it's probably worth looking into. *shrug*

        • Art Delano says:

          There's also ShopKeep, but unless there are features it doesn't advertise it appears to be missing the same key things jwz's looking for (order customization, caller ID customer lookups) that most vendor suggestions are missing. It also looks like an iPad on a stick is ShopKeep's preferred touchscreen interface.

          The SAAS business model seems a little weird for a storefront operation, but I don't know enough about how these guys are running things to have an opinion beyond that.

      • Big says:

        Sightglass Espresso over on 7th St (near Folsom) use a Square reader plugged in to an iPad-as-cash-register arrangement.

        I'm sure they'd be happy to show their setup to you and warn you of any problems they've got with it.

  2. kellyu says:

    Would Sixth Sense Cafe work for you? It might be worth downloading their demo.

    It says that it handles takeout, so I would imagine that it would include delivery as well. There is a customer account section, so I imagine that the caller-ID database queries would be possible.

    Can't testify to its usefulness, sorry, but it is for food service and it is Mac-specific.

  3. I've never used a POS in my life, so I wouldn't know what to look for, but I came across the other day.

  4. phuzz says:

    My friend runs a gadget shop, and he also would rather make life more difficult than give up his macs (ok, that was the last apple dig in this comment, promise).
    He's running Lightspeed, and while I'm not sure how it copes with pizza orders (adding toppings etc), it seems to be quite competent as a PoS system, it also runs quite happily on a mac mini, plus has an iphone app etc so he can complain about how little money his staff have taken from the comfort of his own sofa. I think it has the ability to be hooked into a web store as well.

    I'll go ask where he got his cash drawers from.

  5. Gavin Peters says:

    Contact Beauty's Pizza of Cambridge, Massachusetts. I know not the details, but they have a custom POS that meets your requirements. Also, their web order site doesn't suck.

  6. nmuntz says:

    How about openbravo?

  7. Why not leverage web shopping cart technologies? Mini's run Apache and SQL / PHP... setup as localhost...or not if you later added web ordering like PizzaHut.
    is all web

    or somethign with a bit of historical namesake:

    Are you willing to run linux again?

    I wont lie, of what i've found all look like Kludge or are free because they're on windows.
    Good luck.

  8. Andrew Stern says:

    You may not like it, but all of the pizza-based POS applications are Windows-based, exclusively. Full stop. Yes, you can cobble something together with a Mac-based general POS system, but it won't have any of the graceful operations you need for pizza restaurant order management. I believe the system we used at Round Table was called POS2000 and it fully supported all of your requirements above, sans the Redmond part. This might be a great time to test out some of the WINE packages and how they've progressed.

    Also, I would NOT recommend a Mac Mini for POS duty in a restaurant (high heat, moisture, dust, etc). Dell designs a machine expressly for this purpose that works very well, the Optiplex XE. I would combine one of those with an ELO touchscreen (1915L perhaps) for quick and efficient operation.

    Most importantly, will the operators (your employees) be quick and efficient with the system? It must work for them without fail. This is much harder than it seems. Go out and check one of the the commercial pizza shops (Round Table, Dominos, etc). Design around lowest common denominator and you will have a system easy to operate that gets the job done.

    • jwz says:

      Sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I'll never know.

      I don't know how many ways I have to say it. Our POS will be a shoebox full of crumpled up bills before a dime of it will go to Micros~1.

  9. Jim says:

    Check out, and Tools that let you do the remaining 90% of the work yourself

  10. Moses O Gold says:

    There is PayGo. This provides a POS core that uses Sevoy and MySQL. It doesn't come with pizza logic builtin.

  11. Jim Sweeney says:

    Hi! This is Foo!

  12. Peter says:

    You probably want to look for Pizza software that uses "JavaPOS". Point of sale platforms seem to have their own APIs for basic things, and there are two main contenders for the platform: WEPOS (Windows) and JavaPOS (Java). For Mac and Linux obviously the only choice is JavaPOS.

    A quick search using Google doesn't show much, but you may have better luck than I.

  13. ducksauz says:

    You might want to check with these folks. They provide online pizza ordering as a service and claim to have POS integration down pretty well. They might be able to point you at a MacOS pizza POS. As for their webstore service, I use it pretty regularly to order pizza from Zeek's here in Seattle. It doesn't suck.