Music officially begins today

The thing that most kills me about the SXSW Interactive douchebags is what incredible cheapskates they are. These are people who paid a thousand bucks for a badge, and at least $150/night for a shitty hotel, and they will spend literally hours chasing a party where they can get a free $5 beer. (Or really, a free $2 beer, since this is Austin.)

For Captains of Industry they sure don't seem to understand what "false economy" means.

Then they complain about commercialism. Hello, you came to a trade show. Everybody here has something to sell, including you. "But I'm used to 68% product placement, and this company is up to 72% product placement, they suck."

These people. This is why I sell beer. I'm glad none of them stay for Music.

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  1. Pavel says:

    I do have to go ahead and say that free beer tastes at least twice as good as regular beer.

    Also, are they actually chasing those parties because of the free beer? Or because they want to find like-minded cheapskates?

    The alternative is that they spend their entire budget on badge+bed, so at this point their food budget is whatever the homeless leave behind.

    • Vitorio says:

      It's definitely because of the free beer. Last night, I was sitting with a badged friend at a quiet, non-SXSW-involved bar, paying for drinks (and thus, paying for the quiet), and both of our phones were buzzing with texts from other friends at bars with free beer, suggesting we go to them, because they certainly weren't going to leave their spigot.

      That said, there was an analysis done a few years back, that if you partake in all of the free alcohol, the badge pays for itself when compared to paying for that much alcohol yourself.

      • Pavel says:

        I guess it depends on how much you drink. I'm tired of noisy bars myself, so I'm in the same boat as you - I'd rather go somewhere quiet.

        Then again, I wouldn't pay $1k to go and sit in a bar where all the people aren't - isn't the point of SXSW to go and interact with all of these people who are normally geographically far away?

  2. fantasygoat says:

    I've never paid for a badge or a wristband in 6 years of attending and I've never wanted for shows or cheap beer. Just go make nice with the Flatstock folks - most of them are in bands that are playing the show and have all the hookups.

  3. Mike Hoye says:

    Well, their business models all rest on the assumption that time has no value, so at least they're consistent that way.

  4. Lloyd says:

    Hey, bro! Are you, like, chilling and keeping it real at SXSW with Tucker Max?

  5. Christoph says:

    Are you going to start using a "whyisellbeer" tag for this kind of post?

  6. says:

    I've been in a similar situation.

    When I worked for a large European telecom company and would come to trade shows in the US, I could get reimbursed for things like hotels, cab rides, etc, to the full amount of the receipt. Food, on the other hand, was a per diem, which I could pocket if I didn't spent it.

    Thus, it made perfect sense for me to take two $60 cab rides round trip to some industry party in the burbs with free food, rather than hang out near my hotel and get a burger.

    The per diem was untaxed, so I made out like a bandit on that sort of thing.

  7. mikecotton says:

    Amen, Brother Jamie.

  8. Danny says:

    I briefly interpreted this as "Why I sell beer -- it's for the free samples!"