There's a lot of quakeporn out there, but this shot in particular is amazing:

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  1. Mark Welch says:

    I, for one, welcome our grim meathook container-borne overlords. That's from a protest in Wisconsin, right?

  2. spoonyfork says:

    What a tragedy. What a mess. I mourn the loss of life and empathize with those left to put the pieces back together. However, as a citizen of the Internet, I have found the Pearl Harbor karma meme to be the most disturbing byproduct of this disaster.

    • Bradley says:

      I trust that when the Singularity comes, we'll finally get some reliable technology for filtering out assholery of this nature.

    • Art Delano says:

      Analogous sentiments have been expressed on Chinese and Korean boards, calling this belated revenge for Japan's invasions back in their grandparents' day. Which doesn't justify any of it, but for once it's not just Americans being stupid and hateful; the same stupid hate is oozing up elsewhere too.

  3. Juha Autero says:

    It looks like someone has played Jenga.

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