DNA Lounge: Wherein the Nineties return.

Photos are up of the latest Hubba Hubba Revue, "The Nineties Show", which the kids are saying may well have been the best Hubba ever. It included the In Living Hubba Fly Girls, a dot-com-bubble-based balloon-popping act, an acrobatic pole-dancing Leeloo Dallas, and a burlesque re-cap of the entire Clinton administration, among other fine and topical acts.

Have you watched the video that the Blow Up folks made to promote the "Miss Blow Up USA" contest at their April party? I keep showing it to people, because it's one of the most disturbing Youtube artifacts I've seen in some time:

I posted this question on my other blog, but I might as well ask here too. Any suggestions for point-of-sale software for DNA Pizza? Our requirements include:

  • Runs on a Mac Mini with touchscreen and cash drawer;

  • Has support for pizza-specific order details, such as, two toppings on one half, three different toppings on the other half;

  • Understands delivery orders as well as in-person orders;

  • Can do caller-ID-based database queries, to enable conversations like, "Is this Foo? Are you still at 123 Bar St.? Would you like the same thing you ordered last time?"

There are a huge number of rather sophisticated looking pizza-restaurant-specific software packages out there for Windows that do this and more, but I haven't been able to track down any Mac versions yet. (Anything running on a Microsoft substrate is a deal-breaker, so let's not even discuss it, ok?)

We inherited a Linux-based POS from the previous owners, but it's crappy, and tech support is from a phone bank in India, so we're just going to junk it.


Mo'some Tonebender

I respect anyone who opens with a cover of To Hell with Poverty. It's a bold choice, even if it did go a little Wyld Stallyns at the end.

But you don't question a Jedi.

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