Terrifying shoulder-mounted telepresence mecha-muppet whispers arcane commands.


You carry TEROOS around on your shoulder but someone else controls it, using its built-in camera, microphone, and speaker to look around and communicate with the wearer. Communications and commands are relayed via a smartphone, which is passed to TEROOS via Bluetooth. Skype handles the audio/video exchange between TEROOS and its remote operator.

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Today's Series of Tubes

(I take note of the physical properties of my local network infrastructure against the possibility of a high-speed dirt-bike chase through the sewers. These things happen.)

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we get Internets on everything.

Last week Devon and Steen went into unspeakable crawlspaces with a spool of Cat5, and today John and I hooked up four more wireless access points in the pizza place. DNA Pizza now has basically the same wifi capacity as DNA Lounge itself. It's kind of overkill, but I got ten of these APs as a batch on eBay for cheap last year, so we might as well use them.

There's Internets all over the place now. We're just spraying Internets all over the street. People will be driving by and get home and think, what is this crap on my window? Is this Internets? It's like when you order a slice of pizza and first you have to take a bunch of napkins and sop up all the Internets pooling on top.

Yeah, it's kind of like that.


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