Pizza POS?

Dear Lazyweb, help me find point-of-sale software for DNA Pizza. My requirements include:

  • Runs on a Mac Mini with touchscreen and cash drawer;
  • Has support for pizza-specific order details, such as, two toppings on one half, three different toppings on the other half;

  • Understands delivery orders as well as in-person orders;

  • Can do caller-ID-based database queries, to enable conversations like, "Is this Foo? Are you still at 123 Bar St.? Would you like the same thing you ordered last time?"

There are a huge number of rather sophisticated looking pizza-restaurant-specific software packages out there for Windows that do this and more, but I haven't been able to track down any Mac versions yet. (Anything running on a Microsoft substrate is a deal-breaker, so let's not even discuss it, ok?)

We inherited a Linux-based POS from the previous owners, but it's crappy, and tech support is from a phone bank in India, so we're just going to junk it.

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Facebook Places

Dear Lazyweb, can you explain how I merge this "Page" and this "Places Page" into a single page? There is supposed to be a "Merge with existing Page" link somewhere, but I can't find it. I'm an admin of both pages.

I accomplished this once before, with the DNA Lounge pages, but now I can't figure out how to repeat the trick.

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