2011 SXSW torrent part 2 is out.

362 files, 2GB.

Only 50% seeded at the moment.

(Way to wait until the absolute last possible minute, dude...)

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2 Responses:

  1. SXSW Torrent says:

    Are you seriously complaining? The final torrent always goes out the week before SXSW. I've done it that way for years. It's the trade-off between trying to get in as many songs as possible and still leaving at least some time to review. Believe it or not, 100 songs were added in just the last week that would otherwise have not be included.

    • jwz says:

      I didn't realize SXSW added people to the lineup so late, but it's frustrating to have so little time to process it.

      If I had been going to interactive as well as music, like I did for the last few years, I'd be getting on a plane in an hour. That leaves less than a day to listen to and rate 300+ songs, then track down the good ones on the calendar.

      This year I have a few more days, but it's still not really a leisurely pace...

      I do greatly appreciate the effort you've been putting into this, though!