DNA Lounge: Wherein we Worship the Lords.

I got some really good shots last night -- photos are up of the Lords of Acid + Angelspit + Radical G show.

It was a great show! Good to see that Scorpius is still rocking those mad Peacekeeper beats. I think the Lords were even better this time than they were at the July show (though having Thrill Kill Kult on that bill did elevate that experience). Their new singer has a great voice. I enjoyed Angelspit, too -- they put on a really energetic show and seemed to be having a great time. (That's in contrast to most bands in that vein of industrial, who seem to just want you to know how angry you make them.)

Fun fact: apparently at some point on the tour, someone stole Lords of Acid's rubber doll.

This is why we can't have nice things.


Again, good to know.

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Terrifying telepresence sexloaf now available in convenient Tinkerbell size.


The Elfoid phone is a miniature version of the Telenoid R1 robot developed last year by a research team led by Osaka University professor Hiroshi Ishiguro. The current prototype measures 8 in long, is covered in a soft fleshy urethane skin, and has the same genderless and ageless appearance as the Telenoid. The control buttons are embedded in the chest, which glows green when the Elfoid is in use.

Equipped with a camera and motion-capture system, the Elfoid phone will be able to watch the user's face and transmit motion data to another Elfoid phone, which can then reproduce the face and head movements in real-time.

The current prototype is unable to move, but future versions will incorporate tiny motors and parts made from shape-memory alloys, allowing the Elfoid to move its eyes, mouth, neck and arms. Other features will include a temperature sensor, accelerometer, and an easy-to-use voice and gesture based interface.

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