DNA Lounge: Wherein we have hung out the "Kick Me" sign; also photos.

Hey, look at that, our ABC paperwork is done:

Also, photos are up of the most recent Hubba Hubba Revue, by a whole bunch of different photographers this time.

Tonight: the Debut hair show. Tomorrow: Lords of Acid & Angelspit. The previous Lords of Acid show was a lot of fun (and sold out!) so you should get your tickets now...


What the banana was missing was shrinkwrap!

They will be marketed under the slogan ‘Natural Energy Snack on the Go’.

While the trial may seem bizarre at a time when big businesses are under pressure to reduce packaging waste, Del Monte insists the addition of a clear plastic bag is actually a green measure. The company claims that the bag contains ‘Controlled Ripening Technology’ – which extends the shelf-life of the banana by up to six days.

Don't tell Kirk Cameron.


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