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Dear Lazyweb, the drive died in my DirecTivo and I bought a new one preloaded with 6.4a. This was relatively painless (a completely acceptable trade of money for time), and things are mostly working. The two bits that are not are:

  1. I can't download videos via TivoWebPlus 2.1.b3 any more (same version of that that I was running before the upgrade). The page for a show has links for "view", "tmf", "ty" and "asx", and in the past, the only one of those that would give me an actual downloadable file that I could play with VLC was the "ty" link. But after the upgrade, the link to "http://tivo/{SHOW}{EPISODE}{CHAN}{NNNN}.ty" is 404. How do I make it not be 404? (The other links try to use a tivo: protocol URL, which nothing understands.) I gather the 6.x OS supports the "home media option", is that what I want to be using instead to get access to the raw MPEG files?
  2. I'd like to install sshd and disable telnet. I had that working before, on the 4.x OS, using the sshd from here, but after re-installing that, sshd gets a segfault any time it tries to allocate a pty. ("ssh -T" works, "-t" kills it.) /dev/pty* looks sane to me.

Any ideas?

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3 Responses:

  1. Mark Gardner says:

    Yes, use the Home Media Option. The TiVo even broadcasts its address over Bonjour. The way I got it to work on my Mac in the past is to select the appropriate Bonjour link in Safari bookmarks, then replace the "http" with "https" in the address bar. You'll get a password prompt, where you type in the user name "tivo" and the password is the Media Access Key from the TiVo onscreen menu settings. You can then browse and download the TiVo-DRMed MPEG files.

    • jwz says:

      Well, according to this, there's only an HMO patch for 6.2a, not 6.4a.

      I just want the old DRM-less .ty file downloads to work again. That worked fine.

  2. Otto says:

    The HMO provides files in the form of *.tivo, which are MPEG streams that have DRM added. There are programs to remove this DRM, such as tivodecode. I use a Java program: http://code.google.com/p/kmttg/ that can download and decode to an MPEG file in one step (and optionally do other stuff like commercial removal and re-encoding and so on).

    Works on my TivoHD. YMMV.