Nyiragongo Crater

"The goal of the expedition is to reach the rim of the lava lake. Nobody has previously survived such an encounter."

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  1. mediapathic says:

    These are pics of our new pizza ovens, right?

  2. Jef Poskanzer says:

    The goal of the expedition is to find any sign of the previous expedition.

    • Ted Mielczarek says:

      "We're just as good as any of those other crews you sent to their deaths!"

  3. Mark Gardner says:

    Gonna need a volcano tag soon.

  4. Michael says:

  5. James C. says:

    At first I thought it might be Ol Doinyo Lengai which is awesome for entirely different reasons, namely its ultracool carbonate lava. But this is awesome in and of itself. The lake is like a tiny cone within the volcano's cone, growing in the same way as the whole mountain did.

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