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The first performance of "Smack My Bitch Up", 1965.

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Apparently it is a sheep.

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W.S.B. Turd.

What is the process?

  1. Take a glob of William S. Burroughs' preserved shit
  2. Isolate the DNA with a kit
  3. Make, many, many copies of the DNA we extract
  4. Soak the DNA in gold dust
  5. Load the DNA dust into a genegun (a modified air pistol)
  6. Fire the DNA dust into a mix of fresh sperm, blood and shit
  7. Call the genetically modified mix of blood, shit, and sperm a living bioart, a new media paint, a living cut-up literary device and/or a mutant sculpture.

Where is the shit?

The shit is preserved in Lawrence, Kansas by old friends of Bill. The Burroughs Estate has given us their thumbs up to the project.

What kind of genes are in shit?

The Intestinal Flora Genome Project studies the microflora of human guts. It is possible that each person has their own signature microbiota populations.

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Good to know: Mafia's Corpse-Dissolving Claims Exaggerated

Contrary to claims made by informants within the Sicilian Mafia, sulfuric acid will not dissolve a corpse in minutes, a new study finds.

The research, reported Feb. 23 at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, was part of a wider effort to test claims about the mafia’s “lupara bianca,” or “white shotgun” murders, wherein the subject is known to be dead but a body is never found.

Experiments conducted on partial pig carcasses, a widely accepted stand-in for human bodies, showed that it takes days to melt flesh in sulfuric acid. Adding water to the acid speeds up the process, dissolving muscle and cartilage within 12 hours and turning bone to dust within two days, suggesting that the technique could render a corpse completely unrecognizable.

“But it is impossible that they completely destroyed a corpse with acid,” said study coauthor Massimo Grillo of the University of Palermo in Italy.

Police found tanks of acid in a Palermo hideout known as the “chamber of death,” where crime boss Filippo Marchese purportedly dissolved victims after torturing them in the early 1980s, said Filippo Cascino, another study co-author at the University of Palermo.

Informants had described the disposal method, the researchers say, with statements like, “We put the people in acid. In 15, 20 minutes they were no more — they became a liquid.”

The research suggests that the members of the crime clan were not as good at telling time as they were at ritual murder.

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Tivo upgrade questions

Dear Lazyweb, the drive died in my DirecTivo and I bought a new one preloaded with 6.4a. This was relatively painless (a completely acceptable trade of money for time), and things are mostly working. The two bits that are not are:

  1. I can't download videos via TivoWebPlus 2.1.b3 any more (same version of that that I was running before the upgrade). The page for a show has links for "view", "tmf", "ty" and "asx", and in the past, the only one of those that would give me an actual downloadable file that I could play with VLC was the "ty" link. But after the upgrade, the link to "http://tivo/{SHOW}{EPISODE}{CHAN}{NNNN}.ty" is 404. How do I make it not be 404? (The other links try to use a tivo: protocol URL, which nothing understands.) I gather the 6.x OS supports the "home media option", is that what I want to be using instead to get access to the raw MPEG files?
  2. I'd like to install sshd and disable telnet. I had that working before, on the 4.x OS, using the sshd from here, but after re-installing that, sshd gets a segfault any time it tries to allocate a pty. ("ssh -T" works, "-t" kills it.) /dev/pty* looks sane to me.

Any ideas?

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