Seeking contact inside AOL.

Back in March 2008, on the ten year anniversary of the Mozilla project, I managed to bring the 1994 version of back online, both as an historical snapshot, and also to make the old web browser executables themselves fully functional again (since they had URLs on that web site burned into them).

I was able to do this with the cooperation of some helpful and historically-minded AOL employees, who set up the DNS tricks for the and domains, and hosted the old content there for me.

Unfortunately, this is a fragile situation. For the second or third time, those changes inside AOL's DNS configuration have gotten reverted, and has begun redirecting back to The last couple of times this happened, I was able to get it fixed, but this time, all of my previous contacts inside AOL no longer work there, and have so far been unable to point me at whoever is in charge now.

Dear Lazyweb, do you know anyone inside AOL who could point me at the right person?

What I would like, in increasing order of preference:

    3: Put things back the way they were before, with AOL hosting the content.

    2: Or, point the and DNS to my server's IP, and I'll serve the content myself.

    1: Ideally, just transfer the domain to me. I'd be willing to pay for it, if it's not a fortune.

Who should I talk to?

Update: Thanks to Jacob Rosenberg, option 2 is in effect, and both and are back online, as well as the browser archive. Thanks to everyone who passed my request along!

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Declaration of defeat.

Remember that Tempest machine that John and I were halfassedly trying to repair from September through November?

To recap, when I bought it, the right half of the monitor wasn't lighting up, but scoping out the logic board showed a full signal, so the problem was within the monitor. We replaced several dozen components, re-soldered almost everything, and along the way, made it worse. Now the monitor doesn't light up at all.

So, this is clearly beyond our skill level, and also it ceased being any fun at all at about day three.

A few people suggested we just call in the experts, and have someone who repairs these things professionally come out and make a house-call. Sounds good to me. Two separate Bay Area operations were suggested -- "Ken & TJ" and "Tilt Electronics" -- but it's been two months and neither of them has returned repeated phone calls or emails, so one can only presume that they're not interested.

Any other suggestions of someone I could get to come out here and fix this damned thing? Or is it now kindling?

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Susie Sucks on a Sausage.

Previously, previously, previously.

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Ignoring the Xenu in the room.

This is pretty great:

But not as great as this:


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Look at these fucking aviators.

Exhibit A: James “Bud” Mars and wife, 1910:

Exhibit B: Edwardian Ball, last month:

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The Limousines

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