Why yes, that is a quail egg.

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  1. Ryan Finnie says:

    Off-topic: Which of the 700+ "shortlink" WP plugins are you using? Your list doesn't seem to be updated with it. Without installing any of them, it seems all of the ones that don't automatically send everything to TwitLyUrl.co.ck want to pollute the root base, instead of the /b/ in your case.

    • jwz says:

      I wrote my own. I didn't go to the effort of bundling it up into a proper plugin, though, so it's not really fit for public consumption.

    • james says:

      I use one called Yourls and have my short links living under /s/ which seems to work.

      Now if only there was some sort of protocol that all link shorteners used to prevent them "shortenign" each others' links. Some way of saying "This is already short, don't mess with it!".

  2. Steven says:


    • Damon says:

      I'd like to know, too. The lat and long seem to suggest Hotel Utah, but the background of the photo doesn't look anything like Hotel Utah. Maybe someplace across the street from there?

  3. David M.A. says:


    (What is that beneath the egg, some sort of deep-fried pepper?)

  4. Matt Knopp says:

    Looks like Orson, too nice to be Hotel Utah.

  5. That's an awful lot of flair for one drink.

  6. nitpicker says:

    As an avid pickler of okra, I do believe it is the perfect garnish for a bloody mary.

  7. Conor Sleith says:

    This is from a restaurant in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. The small glass contains Bud Lite and is part of the garnish. Why, I will never know. http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/4076/photonj.jpg

  8. Ian says:

    The "beer back" as its called is due to yankee's inability to enjoy spicy things. That's what I was told in Wisconsin, where the Bloodies also include a hunk of cheese. The best Bloodies on the planet are concocted in the Louisiana Superdome, but the far more garnished Bloodies at Les Bon Temps Roule come in a close second. What's with that pathetic celery stick? They're supposed to be lushly plumed.

  9. jonas says:

    Hi JWZ

    I'd like to post a link in my weekly link round up and use your photo (with proper credit of course).
    Is that OK?



  10. I disagree and think the beer back is due to distributor contract erm...subsidy that Stella Artois (you'd think Pauli Girl...) rarely fronts. That's some decent winter garnish! Doesn't pay to trash it for people who are going to throw it back in 5 minutes plus a lag minute or so, though.

    I say we call it a Red Fiber Backhaul rather than a Bloody Mary, though.