Why Texting Failed Among the Victorians.

Ironically, it is only the uncharacteristic brevity that makes this McSweeney's article work:

21st Century: Hey sexy! 2nite Ima sex u

Victorian: O fair nymph so lithe and so lively! O Naiad with the sedgeless bank! A ring of amethyst I could not wear here plainer to my sight, than that first kiss. The s

But really, @_hp_lovecraft_ did it better:

_hp_lovecraft_ H. P. Lovecraft
Greetings, oh Internet, of which I have heard so much about. I am but a humble author, experimenting with a new medium and casting my words

_hp_lovecraft_ H. P. Lovecraft
Oh, what horror is this? What fiendish eldritch magick would impose a 140 character limit on simple human communication? What unholy device
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  1. In the 19th century txtspeak was popular in so-called "emblematic poems":



    Essay to Miss Catharine Jay

    An S A now I mean to write
    To U, sweet K T J,
    The girl without a ||,
    The belle of U T K.

    I 1 der if you got that 1
    I wrote 2 U B 4
    I sailed in the R K D A,
    And sent by L N Moore.

    My M T head will scarce contain
    A calm I D A bright;
    But A T miles from U I must
    M︷ this chance 2 write.

    And 1st, should N E N V U,
    B E Z, mind it not;
    Should N E friendship show, B true,
    They should not be forgot.

    But friends and foes alike D K,
    As U may plainly C,
    In every funeral R A,
    Or uncle's L E G,

    And if you cannot cut a ---,
    Or cause an !
    I hope U 'll put a .
    2 1 ?

    R U for an X ation 2,
    My cous N? Heart and âË

  2. Noah says:

    I have a remarkable proof of the theorem that P!=NP, however there is insufficient space in the margin of this twitter entry for a full expl

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