The Day the Universe Came.

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11 Responses:

  1. Pavel says:

    I guess I'll hop on Ebay now.

  2. DFB says:

    Mommy, what is the giant parrot doing to that lady?

  3. Well, son, it looks like he's about to rip her belly open to feed on her hot, delicious intestines.

  4. Here's the first couple of pages of the content of Starship Intercourse. Like, groovy.

    • hattifattener says:

      Holy crap I think I remember encountering Starship Intercourse in the depths of a used book store once years ago. (Amazingly, even my hormone-addled teenage self didn't think it was worth picking up other than to marvel at the cover.)

  5. WTFrancis says:

    I searched the first one (The day the universe came) after reading a blog. Then I find this. Why is there a parrot fucking a girl?

  6. mikka says:

    This is what I imagined Kilgore Trout books would be like

  7. Furry porn's been published for years, y'see..

  8. I will pay though the nose for a Copy/PDF of "Fantasex", btw. That Parrot is too sexy to ignore.