Rockabilly Barbie Infringement Lawsuit Shocker!

I'm always happy to see Barbie's corporate masters get a smackdown, but this is just stupid. Apparently some chick in a rockabilly band (did you know that there are still rockabilly bands? Neither did I!) thinks that she invented having bangs and tattoos or something.

Patricia Day: Fantastically Original.

HorrorPops lead singer Patricia Day has filed suit against toymaker Mattel and Hard Rock Cafe International for a doll the companies co-produced called "Rockabilly Barbie" that Day claims misappropriates her distinct image. [...] To pretend Page's classic pin-up look isn't the true nucleus for "Rockabilly Barbie," Patricia Day, and six squillion other Eisenhower Era-obsessed cuties is delusion on a titanic scale.

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9 Responses:

  1. Jim Sweeney says:


    Even better that it's the chick from the always-ridiculous Horrorpops...

  2. fantasygoat says:

    Perhaps she is the only Rockabilly clone woman with the financial resources to bring suit. All the others I've met have been wait staff or baristas.

    • Pavel says:

      Or she's the only one without the financial resources to pay next month's rent, so she's getting crafty.

  3. Rae says:

    The only thing that makes this not -absolutely- ridiculous is that the doll comes with a standup bass. Off the top of my head, Patricia Day is the only (or at least, one of the few) rockabilly chicks that play bass, much less a standup.

    Also, the Horrorpops are really more psychobilly than rockabilly (yes, I'm aware you totally don't care), and are usually intentionally over-the-top. And not in an awful ironic sort of way, just not caring about being "too much". This trait is shared by, you know, a couple other scenes you might have heard of.

  4. SpaceHobo says:

    What this law suit needs is for the Rev. Horton Heat to take the stand and testify for the defense!

  5. Hmm. Pauley Perrette should be on the lookout. Either for the lawsuit or a piece of the action.

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