One ring to rule them all:

Timeless Infinity Purity Ring iPhone App.

Offers both male and female pledges!

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"You know what they call a Big Mac in Glasgow?"

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"A Wrinkle In Time" In 90 Seconds

I barely remember this book, having last read it when I was like, 9, but I hope it wasn't as terrible as this parody implies... I'll have to be sure to never re-read it to make sure. Still, this is pretty funny.

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Rockabilly Barbie Infringement Lawsuit Shocker!

I'm always happy to see Barbie's corporate masters get a smackdown, but this is just stupid. Apparently some chick in a rockabilly band (did you know that there are still rockabilly bands? Neither did I!) thinks that she invented having bangs and tattoos or something.

Patricia Day: Fantastically Original.

HorrorPops lead singer Patricia Day has filed suit against toymaker Mattel and Hard Rock Cafe International for a doll the companies co-produced called "Rockabilly Barbie" that Day claims misappropriates her distinct image. [...] To pretend Page's classic pin-up look isn't the true nucleus for "Rockabilly Barbie," Patricia Day, and six squillion other Eisenhower Era-obsessed cuties is delusion on a titanic scale.

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Factory Fairies

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The Petals Fall Twice

"That's just the poop, baby. Let it just work its magic."

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Me Am Bizzarro Funeral Home No. 1

I guess that would make it a day spa?

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Round up the usual suspects.

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The Dubai Job:

It was at that point, approximately a week after his death, that the Hamas leadership in Damascus contacted Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, chief of the Dubai Police, and informed him that they believed Al-Mabhouh had been killed by the Mossad. According to European intelligence sources, Tamim's initial reaction was to rage at them on the phone, verbally abusing senior Hamas officials for using Dubai as a battleground for espionage and terrorism. "Take yourselves and your bank accounts and your weapons and your forged fucking passports and get out of my country," he reportedly shouted. Once he calmed down, though, a cursory review of the hotel-security footage from the cameras outside room 230 at the time of Al-Mabhouh's death convinced Tamim that he needed to open an investigation immediately.
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"What if I didn't want to buy the potion", indeed.

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The Anatomy Lesson


Do girls pee out of their butts? Also, do girls get water inside their vagina when they swim? Also, how do girls with hemophilia survive having a period?

Also, how does a baby pee or take a dump inside of the mother? Wouldn't it build up after nine months?

Does the baby pee? Does the mother pee and crap for two when she goes to the bathroom? What if the baby throws up? Does vomit come out of the vagina?


no, girls have a tiny penis that extends and retracts. when we need to pee, it extends out about 1 inch and we use it to pee. it then retracts inside until we need it again. yes, we get water in our vagina when we swim, but the vagina has gills (often referred to as labia) and it actually helps us to stay underwater longer than boys. girls with hemophilia have to get a special device to wear when having their period, it catches the blood and recycles it back into the bloodstream via a small needle inserted in a vein in the buttock. babies do not make any waste at all, they are in a symbiotic relationship with the mother, where any "waste" they make is converted into hormones that affect the mother. that's why pregnant women are so moody.


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