Market Street: Needs More Elephants.

This appears to be a parade by the Ringling Brothers Circus in September 1900.

Note the elephants in the lower left. Regular cable car service is mixed right in with the pachyderms and circus wagons and crowds line the streets. We're looking out a window of what would today be the San Francisco Shopping Centre, opposite the foot of Powell Street. The vacant lot would later become the Flood Building, still there today.

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4 Responses:

  1. Ian Dutton says:

    would you settle for spring winding megodonts?

  2. Rob McNicholas says:

    "The first Critical Mass ride, 1900"

  3. Someone just released an iPhone app that from specific spots in San Francisco will overlay vintage photos on the same location

    Time Shutter - San Francisco
    (may do that annoying thing where iTunes opens automatically when you visit the page)

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