Anteater of Broken Dreams

Source unclear.
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  1. T says:

    This was from SomethingAwful originally I think. One of the mods had an anteater as his avatar and there was a brief meme about "F**k you, I'm an anteater."

    • jwz says:

      The Anteater caption is like a thousand years old in Internet years. This variant I haven't seen.

      Saying "I think it's from SomethingAwful" is almost exactly like saying "I think it's from the INTERNET."

  2. Lloyd says:

    This is referencing Hopper's Nighthawks directly as the source, not Gottfried Helnwein's parody Boulevard of Broken Dreams. But wait - it and jwz are tied together through working for AOL!

    I take it the lawn chairs came from Joey and Chandler's apartment in the Village where Hopper set his painting.

    • David M.A. says:

      The chairs come from yet another parody of Nighthawks.

      • Lloyd says:

        got a non-expired link for that?

        • badc0ffee says:

          It works with no referer. Copy the URL and paste it into your address bar. Hit reload if necessary.

            • ivorygates says:

              ...doesn't work even when spelled right...


              • Lloyd says:

                Saw the image while it was there; an fat oaf in union jack shorts and white t-shirt in much the same pose as the anteater, along with the chairs, cracked window, and attention of the customers, parodying Nighthawks.

                This means that the anteater is not a well-thought-out parody, but merely a poor opportunistic photoshop of such a parody.

                Oh, and the text input box getting narrower and narrower as the replies deepen is not ideal. Keep replying to this, and see how narrow you can make it!

                • ivorygates says:

                  Your wish is my command. State and local laws may apply.

                  Hm. I didn't find that image even Googlesearching all Nighthawks parodies. What's the context of the version you cite? Or am I being foolish to expect actual satiric subtext?

              • Editer says:

                It works for me with a .jpg extension instead of .png, as in the original link.

                • Lloyd says:

                  Okay, copy
                  to url bar to make sure there's no referer, and you should be good. Oh, no white t-shirt - that's his chest. It's commentary on English soccer lout tourists aboard, I'm guessing.

                  Text box currently 28 characters narrow...

                  • Lloyd says:

                    Ooh, the long url overruns the textarea. Nice.

                  • ivorygates says:

                    pretty cool!

                    having finally seen the original image in all it's cryptic glory, i'm awfully sorry, but i just can't take a crazed footer fan seriously who's swigging Pepsi as he goes on his violent rampage of violence.

                  • Lloyd says:

                    okay, can't reply to ivorygates' post; that one is as deep as it gets.

                    I think the can is intended to be some lager or Red Bull. Note that it's longer than the usual 330ml soft drink can.

                • ivorygates says:

                  you're right indeed. i have no idea where .png came from...

      • Drew says:

        I couldn't be bothered figuring out why pixdaus wasn't working, but I can only assume the image referred to is this:
        Google image search: [banksy nighthawks]

        Although lots of things are attributed to Banksy, and so I have no idea whether or not it genuinely is. I was just surprised not to see his name in the comments so far.

    • Someone did a real Nighthawks of the Diner "parody" at Burning Man in 2008... the waitresses had beehvies, the whole place was in that weird green color, and their menu contained gorgeously named Appetizers, Main & Dessert selections - which were all different description of what they only served ... GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES.

      I have a standing offer of Fabulous Prizes for anyone who brings me one of those menus :)

  3. Joe Johnston says:

    That's one belligerent anteater.