Anteater of Broken Dreams

Source unclear.
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  1. T says:

    This was from SomethingAwful originally I think. One of the mods had an anteater as his avatar and there was a brief meme about "F**k you, I'm an anteater."

    • jwz says:

      The Anteater caption is like a thousand years old in Internet years. This variant I haven't seen.

      Saying "I think it's from SomethingAwful" is almost exactly like saying "I think it's from the INTERNET."

  2. Lloyd says:

    This is referencing Hopper's Nighthawks directly as the source, not Gottfried Helnwein's parody Boulevard of Broken Dreams. But wait - it and jwz are tied together through working for AOL!

    I take it the lawn chairs came from Joey and Chandler's apartment in the Village where Hopper set his painting.

  3. Joe Johnston says:

    That's one belligerent anteater.