"A Wrinkle In Time" In 90 Seconds

I barely remember this book, having last read it when I was like, 9, but I hope it wasn't as terrible as this parody implies... I'll have to be sure to never re-read it to make sure. Still, this is pretty funny.

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7 Responses:

  1. Elissa Wald says:

    Oh, man.... A Wrinkle In Time rocked... this parody is so off, I mean, come on, their Meg doesn't even have glasses.

  2. Ronald Scott says:

    Remarkably accurate.

    Basically AWIT is science-fantasy's answer to C.S. Lewis' Christian apologia, from a more liberal Christian perspective.

  3. spoonyfork says:

    Better acting in that than in some Hollywood films I saw this year. I'm looking at you The Tourist.

  4. mhoye says:

    Yeah, I remember liking this book a lot too.

    There's an old line, that the golden age of Science Fiction is 12.

    • Pavel says:

      I think you have to be a proper angsty and lonely teenage boy to truly appreciate a lot of Heinlein's works. So let's say that the Silver Age is 17 - at least for men.

  5. Jess says:

    It's sweded.

  6. Chris Sorenson says:

    Wow, I read it when I was around nine as well, but can recall it vividly to this day. Oh, and I am no longer young.