Bottom of cultural barrel dangerously overscraped: Suicide Girls the Comic Book.

No, really:

The SuicideGirls Bring Unique "Lifestyle Brand" to Comics:

Now a full service entertainment company, SuicideGirls have produced a series of longform documentaries that have topped ratings charts on cable TV, and have been featured in numerous TV show and specials (including CSI: NY). The company's fourth feature film is currently airing on cable television. Additionally, they have a clothing line, a magazine, an iPhone app and now an upcoming comic book.

My mind reels at how bad this will be, even within the set of "really horrible ideas for comic books", which is not a small set.

I honestly don't think it's possible for a comic to capture the Unique Experience of this Lifestyle Brand. I did watch a little bit of the car-crash that was their "documentary" when it was on TV, and I believe that no comic book will be able to adequately re-create the experience of watching a bunch of badly-tattooed shrieking harpies fighting over a bottle of whiskey.

Can you imagine trying to describe, using only text and pictures, the pain of hearing Chloe Webb's continuous squeals of "Sid! Siiiiiid!" in Sid and Nancy? Or any line of Courtney Love's dialog in Straight to Hell? You can't successfully commit chalkboard-nails like that to paper.

This is what a Suicide Girls comic would have looked like in 1990 (Peter Bagge's Hate, #2). This picture is only slightly dated! See if you can spot the anachronisms!

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