"A Wrinkle In Time" In 90 Seconds

I barely remember this book, having last read it when I was like, 9, but I hope it wasn't as terrible as this parody implies... I'll have to be sure to never re-read it to make sure. Still, this is pretty funny.

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Rockabilly Barbie Infringement Lawsuit Shocker!

I'm always happy to see Barbie's corporate masters get a smackdown, but this is just stupid. Apparently some chick in a rockabilly band (did you know that there are still rockabilly bands? Neither did I!) thinks that she invented having bangs and tattoos or something.

Patricia Day: Fantastically Original.

HorrorPops lead singer Patricia Day has filed suit against toymaker Mattel and Hard Rock Cafe International for a doll the companies co-produced called "Rockabilly Barbie" that Day claims misappropriates her distinct image. [...] To pretend Page's classic pin-up look isn't the true nucleus for "Rockabilly Barbie," Patricia Day, and six squillion other Eisenhower Era-obsessed cuties is delusion on a titanic scale.

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Factory Fairies

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The Petals Fall Twice

"That's just the poop, baby. Let it just work its magic."

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Me Am Bizzarro Funeral Home No. 1

I guess that would make it a day spa?

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