"What if I didn't want to buy the potion", indeed.

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The Anatomy Lesson


Do girls pee out of their butts? Also, do girls get water inside their vagina when they swim? Also, how do girls with hemophilia survive having a period?

Also, how does a baby pee or take a dump inside of the mother? Wouldn't it build up after nine months?

Does the baby pee? Does the mother pee and crap for two when she goes to the bathroom? What if the baby throws up? Does vomit come out of the vagina?


no, girls have a tiny penis that extends and retracts. when we need to pee, it extends out about 1 inch and we use it to pee. it then retracts inside until we need it again. yes, we get water in our vagina when we swim, but the vagina has gills (often referred to as labia) and it actually helps us to stay underwater longer than boys. girls with hemophilia have to get a special device to wear when having their period, it catches the blood and recycles it back into the bloodstream via a small needle inserted in a vein in the buttock. babies do not make any waste at all, they are in a symbiotic relationship with the mother, where any "waste" they make is converted into hormones that affect the mother. that's why pregnant women are so moody.


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