The Day the Universe Came.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein Pop Roxx returns! Also photos and percussive maintenance.

Hello and welcome to Twenty Eleven. This month we bring you, for one night only, the return of Pop Roxx on Sat, Jan 29!

Pop Roxx was a monthly event we ran from 2005 through mid-2008, with a rotating cast of DJs plus a brief set from a live band at every event. It was pretty popular for the first few years, but attendance dropped off sharply in 2008, and we couldn't afford to keep subsidizing it.

Pop Roxx was our sneaky trick to get bands that I personally enjoyed onto our stage. Since it was a dance party plus a live show, people would show up even if they hadn't heard of the band, meaning we'd end up with a full house even if the band was relatively unknown. That let us book bands we liked without limiting ourselves to only those bands that we were sure could draw hundreds of people on their own.

Since Pop Roxx ended two and a half years ago, I am sad to report that there have been very few live shows at DNA that I've cared about at all. I mean I think there have been like... five, maybe, instead of at least one a month. (This is to some degree due to our continuing inability to hire a booker.)

So I miss Pop Roxx a lot...

Anyway, a bunch of Pop Roxx's former regulars have been asking for it back, so we've decided to do this one-off! The band we have this time, My First Earthquake, are great! You will enjoy them. They are a lot of fun live and have many cute music videos.


A few photo galleries have straggled in from the last few events of 2010:

We lost three of the webcasts last week. For some reason it was broadcasting silence and I couldn't figure out what was going wrong. I tried to fix it in various ways, by doing SCIENCE at it, and you know what finally worked? Picking the Mac Mini up off the desk and dropping it a few times.

Sometimes the old ways are best.

Also, since it's a new year, here for your edification are some of the search terms that people used to find their way to this web site in December:

  • "dna loung"
  • "dna lunge"
  • "dna longue"
  • "dna launge"
  • "d & a lounge"
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  • "what does it take to be a paralegal?"
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  • "what is making a protein using messenger RNA"
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  • "secret bar in san francisco, code entry"
  • "gay bars with free wifi in San Francisco"
  • "lady kinky"
  • "what is the sf pd like"
  • "dna cupcakes"
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  • "huba bubba tits"

I hope you all found what you were looking for.