Word Lens

Word Lens: This is pretty amazing! I downloaded the free demo (which just reverses the letters in words) and it wasn't nearly as good as in this demo, but it's kind of mind-blowing that it works at all.

This is very, very futurey.

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  1. Yeah, the demo had a really hard time maintaining word recognition, so the substitution was annoyingly flickery. And the translation is word-by-word dictionary lookup, so it's going to completely fail on anything idiomatic. And god damn, do I sound like a whiny entitled bitch or what, complaining about stuff like that when the basic concept is so awesome!

    • John DeWeese says:

      (hi, i'm one of the word lens creators)
      Hehe, np, it goes without saying that as pixel monkey game developers, we are very aware of the depth and scope of the flaws and exceptions here. It's a hard problem, to say the least. We released this because we think it finally got over the tough hill of being useful. And we are stoked about improving the quality bit by bit.

      Thanks for the link, enjoy :)

  2. Really, it should just replace all blocks of text with CONSUME or OBEY.

  3. Cameo Wood says:

    I just tried it out, reading txt on my ipad. Holy crap, we're living in the future!

  4. Jim Sweeney says:

    whoaaaaaaaaa! Shut the Front Door!

  5. Matthew says:

    Japanese->English please.

  6. Also a primitive J->E image dictionary - Japan Goggles http://www.lucsens.com/japan-goggles-live-on-app-store/

  7. Word Lens is way cool, but I am still more blown away by the iPhone app Shazam which tells you what song you are listening to

    • Adolf Osborne says:

      Shazam is very cool indeed, until one realizes that folks in Europe have been doing that same thing for a very, very long time -- and without smartphones, to boot.

      One would just call a phone number, hold the phone up to the source of the music-to-be-identified, and a short while later the service would deliver an SMS message with the details of the track.

      It was non-free, of course, as phone calls over there typically are/were, but as I understand it worked just fine. (Then again, Shazam is mostly non-free these days, too, unless you're someone like me that has a grandfathered-in Android device...)

  8. Really want that Word Lens app!.... also really want a new ipod touch...

  9. Jo Bangeborg says:

    Sadly, the spanish generated is pure crap.