Recent WordPress tweaks

For those playing along at home, I've updated my list of WordPress plugins that I'm using.
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  1. Peter Hollo says:

    Are you going to actually abandon LJ at some point? 'Coz the one problem with cross-posting is that your comments threads are forked. I'm reading over here now but occasionally want to check what people are saying over at LJ. Hm.

    • llathrop says:


      maybe make the "mirrored from" link say something about where to comment?

      • jwz says:

        Doesn't matter to me where you comment, and it says that at the top of my LJ page, assuming you're seeing the list and/or the entry in my LJ style.

        I suppose I'll turn off LJ commenting if it ever seems that the majority of commenting has moved over here.

        • luke lathrop says:

          also--I am most likely just doing it wrong, but the links to sign in next to the reply box don't work for me. They seem to be experiencing some kind of alignment problem. the name/email/website boxes cover up the links, and they don't seem to be clickable anyway.

          I had managed to login before with facebook, but wanted to switch to openid. I only noticed this then

          slackware/linux/firefox 3.6.6

  2. Chris Dunphy says:

    The front page of right now is saying that this post has only one comment. Clearly that is not the case.

    Caching issues???

    • jwz says:

      Uh, at the time you posted this, there was only one comment. Now there are 3.

      • Chris Dunphy says:

        Ah, I thought I was replying to the post you were linked to, and not this one. Brain user error, I'm sure.

        New WordPress site looks great. I might make the jump from LJ at last soon too.

  3. Peter Hollo says:

    Ah yes, I did want to say that not least among my reasons for coming here instead of LJ now is that it looks really great! Congrats.